Stuck At A Horrible Job You Loathe? Then You Really Should Do These Things To Deal.

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Have you ever worked for a company where you wished the building would be shut down by the FBI, just so that you can escape the tedium? I’ve been there and wished for that. The two companies irritated me but for different reasons. For the sake of protecting my butt from a lawsuit from some angry insurance agents, I’ll call these two companies Company A and Company B.

Company A was made up of mostly cut-throat backbiters. Employees were fired at random and rarely replaced. Management did not know how to perform the duties of said employees they fired, therefore the work never got done.

The rest of the employees were bribed into keeping their jobs (food, mini-bonuses, pep-talks from HR, etc…) while having extra work piled on them later down the road. I stayed at Company A for a dreadful 3 years, then they gave me the boot stating I “lacked enthusiasm for my position” (their words, not mine). A friend of mine later shared with me that my nickname was “The Dump”, since, it was easy to dump work on me since I was smart enough to get it done, and lacked a backbone.

Company B hired me 11 days after Company A booted me. Company B promised to be a fresh start. My colleagues were high energy, fresh out of college-types that could down beers all weekend long and pitch an insurance proposal to a multimillion-dollar corporation on Monday morning with ease.

Company B prided itself on giving employees “golden hand-cuffs” no one spoke out of term, and everyone seemed genuine and kind. As long as you drank the Kool-Aid and didn’t make waves. You would do just fine! I made waves when I noticed that my “golden hand-cuffs” were made out of that cheap plastic hand-cuff they sell at gag magic shops.

Both Company A and Company B gave me anxiety, made me hate being alive, and ultimately loathe working. As a self-proclaimed workaholic and perfectionist, it annoyed me that my work situation could not, well, work out!

So, what’s my point sharing the brief inner-workings of both companies? Pretty much to help you see that no matter your situation at work, if you hate your job, or you plan to stay temporarily, I want to share ways I learned to deal and cope with the suckage that some jobs put you through.

Keep reading to find out how you can survive Monday mornings and stay enthusiastic without the late Sunday night sobbing sessions.

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Start A Morning Routine That Brings You Immense Joy.

Some individuals may workout early in the morning. Others may decide to start their day reading inspirational words from a religious or motivational text of your choosing. Whatever the activity may be, start your day with it.

For instance, let’s say you’re a writer with a boring day job. Start the morning, working on a piece for a new blog post or a chapter for your future bestselling novel. Yes, it may require you getting up early to do it, but feeding your heart and soul will make the rest of your day so worthwhile.

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Stay Away From Toxic Workers.

You know who this toxic colleague is. The one who willingly talks sweet sugar to your face, and blasts your colleagues in the next cubicle over. This individual may make your blood boil, but don’t give them the satisfaction.

If you have a workplace bully, these may be the main reasons why they decided to target you:

  1. They’re bored.
  2. You’re an easy target (either too nice or short-tempered).
  3. They have an “in” with someone important at the company.

Sometimes, it is impossible to physically remove yourself from someone like the one mentioned above.

You may need to try these tactics:

  1. Drown them out — If your workplace allows you to listen to music, plug in some earbuds, or turn up the speakers.
  2. Excuse yourself when they come stalking around, head to the restroom or the watering hole.
  3. Professionally confront them.
  4. If necessary ask HR or your boss to get involved, if it must come to this.
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Stick It Out With A Goal In Mind

When I started my stint at Company A mentioned above, I remained focus on moving up, even though my employer seemed to be keeping me down. By the time my job let me go, I had work experience and an insurance license under my belt.

The point is to try and become an expert at something on the job. Direct your energy and mind away from how much your job irritates you, and focus on how amazing it will be to take a new skill to your next career.

If your job has a work-study program, a tuition reimbursement program, or free business etiquette classes; research, apply and take all of the classes you can. Even if you hate your job, you can still work at being the best at it.

Did I Miss Anything?

The tips above helped me deal with the internal hatred that spawned within me after my last two jobs. How have you managed to survive dealing with a workplace that doesn’t feed your soul? I want to know in the comments below! I appreciate you reading and sharing!

A full-time writer, part-time corporate cog. I write sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Check out my official blog at

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